2023 RIELA International – Environmental Law

On September 28, we resumed the in-person Riela Seminars! We were delighted to meet with clients, colleagues, and friends to share our experience and thoughts on the most relevant legal environmental developments throughout the Americas:

? Critical Minerals and the Clean Energy Transition: Our transition to low-carbon energy sources coupled with our reliance on high-tech equipment is placing increasing pressure on the production of critical minerals. This panel will survey developments related the approval and production of critical minerals.

?ESG Reporting: Canada’s New Mandatory Supply Chain Transparency Reporting Law. Canada has passed a new legislation that will require certain companies to report annually on steps taken to reduce the risk that child labour, or forced labour, was used at any step in the supply chain. This session will focus on this regulation and on legislative and regulatory developments in the U.S.

?Update: Mining in Latin America. This panel will survey the latest developments in mining and major resource development projects in Latin America, from government participation, to environmental regulation and risks, from permitting to social license and consultation.

?Consultation, Accommodation and Project Certainty: From UNDRIP and prior informed consent to social license and project approval. This panel will explore success stories and alternative approaches: how to engage communities as willing hosts and active partners.

?Extended Producer Responsibility, Stewardship, and Control of Single Use Products: Many jurisdictions have legislation that requires reporting and fee payment, to cover the cost of recycling or end-of-life management of consumer packaging, along with products. This panel will survey developments in Canada and across jurisdictions.

?Entrenching Rights to a Healthy Environment: Canada has recently amended federal legislation to add a right to a healthy environment. This panel will survey countries where the right to a clean and healthy environment is constitutionally entrenched or protected by statute.

?ESG&I Reporting – Environmental, Social, Governance and Indigenous: Global financial markets, scientific data, government policy and public opinion are driving rapid legal and business changes in the area of ESG risk management. Climate-related risks are leading to greater legal and regulatory claims, shareholder activism, class-actions, and greenwashing cases worldwide. This panel will survey developments, including ESG regulatory changes and litigation, in Canada and across jurisdictions.

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