Ratification of freeze on dismissals

Caracas, March 25, 2020


Ratification of freeze on dismissals


Instrument Date Official Gazette
Presidential Decree No. 4,167  03-23-2020  Special Issue 6,520  dated 03-23-2020

Purpose: To ratify the freeze on dismissals of workers in both the public and private sector through December 31, 2020.

The protection provided for in the Decree is applicable to:

a)   Workers hired for an indefinite term, commencing one (1) month after hiring;

b)   Fixed-term workers, for the term provided for in the respective contract;

c)   Workers hired for a specific job, until they have fulfilled their obligations.

The Decree is not applicable to those in management posts, seasonal or occasional workers.

Workers covered by this Decree may not be dismissed, demoted or transferred without good cause, as previously determined by the Labor Inspector for the jurisdiction. 

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Benson, Pérez Matos, Antakly & Watts

Carlos A. Godoy L.