2º Edition -Enforcement of Environmental Laws and Policies During the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Americas

2nd Edition – revised, updated and enlarged 

In RIELA we thought it would be useful and important to gather together publications on the environmental measures enforced in our Country members due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Please follow the link to have access to the complete 2º Edition information: https://www.riela.org/

About RIELA: 

RIELATM (the Inter-American Network of Specialists in Environmental Legislation) is a network of independent law firms providing for the exchange of professional information about the local and regional practice and development of environmental law in the Americas, facilitating and disseminating communications among its members and improving the members’ abilities to serve the needs of their respective clients. 

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About this Publication: 

The purpose of this publication is to provide a brief summary of recent developments in the enforcement of environmental laws and policies in the Americas in consideration of the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic. 

This publication is made available by RIELATM for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. The transmission and receipt of information contained in this publication do not form or constitute an attorney-client relationship. Contact information to the lawyers of the RIELA-member firms are available at the end of this publication. 

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